Conseil Littlewing

Consulting influence activation


Nowadays, digital ecosystems play a part in fragmenting the images of institutions and brands.
Accurately analysing the perceptions and mechanics behind the opinion-making process, whether to unveil opportunities or risks, is quite simply key when building a communication strategy. 
A company’s or a brand’s positioning is what makes it attractive to its audience while standing out from its competitors. Vision, promises, values … while the foundations are here to remain, its expression must be periodically reinvented to match and anticipate shifts in stakeholders expectations.
Performance or operational excellence schemes, innovation program, mergers or partnerships, HR projects … Communicating efficiently is key to ensure buy-in and implementation of strategic projects.


The currently trending “earned media” and “brand content” have always been the gist of media relations.
To successfully manage these relations, two prerequisites: a thorough knowledge of the media environment (on and offline) and a genuine relevance for the messaging and the packaging of the content.
More and more exposed, a company’s or an institution’s executives must embody a project, be able to draw people together and convince. No shortcuts possible! Only those that are properly trained can manage it, provided personal opinions and character are preserved.
Health, environment, employment… corporate issues lie at the core of public debates. Whether for advice during the decision-making process or to help move a project along, public authorities are vital stakeholders.
The only way to properly manage a communication crisis is by getting ready for it. Anticipating sensitive issues and developing crisis management awareness is key to efficient management in a moving and uncertain environment.


Digital communication is not cut off from the rest of communications but only a new environment where “testing and learning” is just as necessary as an efficient management of means to avoid dispersion. How should you choose among the myriad of digital tools? By taking into account your resources, your business challenges, your audiences’ habits and by implementing winning strategies.
Creating direct contact with audiences, bringing brand or corporate content to life, generating further engagement; those are the benefits of events management. How successful it has been is measured against the mark it has left with its audiences.
To be inspired by everything: words, pictures, dreams, experience, matter … Design must instantaneously express a company’s or a brand’s message. How can you improve the impact of your design? Set up a targeted media plan and choose the best artistic talent for each situation. Impact guaranteed!