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ING Direct

How to celebrate ing direct’s one million clients?

Following Little Wing’s recommendations, ING Direct celebrated the landmark of one million customers by hosting a gathering at the Olympia with thousands of them. The renewal of the banking relationship – increased autonomy and empowerment of the customer – is a significant part of ING’s DNA. Aligned with this brand’s identity, Little Wing conceived and organised a tailor-made event focusing on major life change.

First, our agency launched a nationwide CastING through social networks and a dedicated platform. ING teams have collected over a hundred of clients’ testimonials that they have then selected in close collaboration with ING fans through social medias.

The 2,000 ING clients invited to the Olympia were offered the unique opportunity to listen to the CastING’s four finalists telling their singular changes of life stories. The same evening, they attended a private performance of François-Xavier Demaison, a French humourist who used to be a banker.

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Société Générale

How to involve 150,000 société générale collaborators into the digital transformation journey?

Société Générale started its digital transformation in May 2013 with the “PEPS’ challenge”, an innovative initiative conceived by Little Wing. The concept was to offer to the collaborators the opportunity to post and share their ideas on the Bank of the future on their internal social network – “SG communities”. In order to capitalise on this initiative, the results have been shared internally through a dedicated event and in a white paper.

This initiative around digital transformation has then been pursued with the “Digital for All” program, which aims to enhance new collaborative usages through the deployment of 70,000 electronic pads internally. In close collaboration with the teams of Société Générale, our communication agency developed a strategic communication plan around this specific program. To make the most of this program, Little Wing activated its internal and external communication expertise to create contents (in print, digital and video) and to conceive and organise dedicated events such as the “RESG For All” day, which brought together 1,200 employees in April 2015.

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How to raise consciousness about the importance of diversity in the banking, finance and insurance sectors?

Financi’Elles is the first inter-company Federation promoting diversity in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. Its mission is to improve and accelerate the proportion of women at the highest levels of the organisations of these sectors.

To advance its cause, Financi’Elles invited over 160 women – members of the EXCOM of companies of the SBF120 index – and a dozen of CEOs to the second diner of its administrators at the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital on February 18th 2016. The event took place under the patronage of Emmanuel Macron.

Little Wing has conceived and organised this event in close collaboration with the teams of Financi’Elles and the Ministry’s. Our communication agency has been in charge of all the aspects of the event: invitations, program of the evening, speech writing, logistics and communication strategy (e.g. PR, tools displayed and distributed to guests).

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Comment lancer et animer une plateforme de brainstorming interne dédiée à l’innovation ?

Content case study of AXA

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Baker McKenzie

How to provide a top global law firm with a distinctive identity in the French market?

Baker McKenzie used to have a relatively fragmented image in the French market. Little Wing’s first mission hence was to specifically define its image and its communication strategy in the local market. It consisted in adapting the concept of “fluency” and revising its corporate messages along with its communication tools (i.e. leaflet and website). Little Wing also designed Baker McKenzie’s press relations’ strategy with top-tier economic and Legal press.

Our communication agency implements the PR strategy on a daily basis and advises the local team on its digital and event communication planning.

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Fondation Auchan

How to give substance and meaning to 20 years of Auchan’s actions for the youth?

For the Auchan Youth Foundation, solidarity commitment is not a passing fad as the
632 projects conducted internationally supporting social inclusion, education and health for the youth can testify.

On the Foundation’s 20th anniversary, Little Wing developed an innovative communication plan aiming at increasing its reputation – both internally and externally – while mobilising its publics around their projects. Our communication agency revised its corporate messages, conceived and deployed a new graphic identity, a new website and a 360° communication plan.

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