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How to celebrate ing direct’s one million clients?

Author : greg | |

Following Little Wing’s recommendations, ING Direct celebrated the landmark of one million customers by hosting a gathering at the Olympia with thousands of them. The renewal of the banking relationship – increased autonomy and empowerment of the customer – is a significant part of ING’s DNA. Aligned with this brand’s identity, Little Wing conceived and organised a tailor-made event focusing on major life change.

First, our agency launched a nationwide CastING through social networks and a dedicated platform. ING teams have collected over a hundred of clients’ testimonials that they have then selected in close collaboration with ING fans through social medias.

The 2,000 ING clients invited to the Olympia were offered the unique opportunity to listen to the CastING’s four finalists telling their singular changes of life stories. The same evening, they attended a private performance of François-Xavier Demaison, a French humourist who used to be a banker.