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How to raise consciousness about the importance of diversity in the banking, finance and insurance sectors?

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Financi’Elles is the first inter-company Federation promoting diversity in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. Its mission is to improve and accelerate the proportion of women at the highest levels of the organisations of these sectors.

To advance its cause, Financi’Elles invited over 160 women – members of the EXCOM of companies of the SBF120 index – and a dozen of CEOs to the second diner of its administrators at the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital on February 18th 2016. The event took place under the patronage of Emmanuel Macron.

Little Wing has conceived and organised this event in close collaboration with the teams of Financi’Elles and the Ministry’s. Our communication agency has been in charge of all the aspects of the event: invitations, program of the evening, speech writing, logistics and communication strategy (e.g. PR, tools displayed and distributed to guests).