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The Little Wing team has a wide ranging, complementary set of skills it can put to use for its clients: sustainable development, public relations, brand issues, digital expertise, and crisis communication.

JULIE DE LA SABLIÈRE Founder and President


Founder and President


Faced with the climate emergency, companies must be in a position to provide a response that is as quick as it is substantial. Based on this conviction, Julie de La Sablière created Little Wing in 2012. Julie, as a specialist advisor to business leaders, knows that they need to cultivate and deploy their vision towards the challenges of transition. Little Wing helps them transform their organizations with innovative and effective solutions, adapted to the characteristics of their sector.

Julie’s commitment: never be satisfied with ready-made answers, even if it means shaking up her clients to better inspire them. This is why she surrounds herself with complementary personalities who have varied expertise and quickly grants them autonomy and responsibility. Her warmth, optimism and commitment have helped bolster Little Wing’s reputation as a great place to work.

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MANON LE ROY-OCLIN Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


A taste for storytelling led Manon into advertising at the beginning of her career. As a strategic planner for five years at BETC, she helped brands like Chanel, Unilever or MK2 Cinemas express their personalities.

In search of meaning, this brand expert and graduate of Sciences Po Paris, chose to join Little Wing in November 2021. Her driving force: helping clients in the B2B world define their purpose, formalize their mission, build an action plan and communicate their commitments and achievements. Finding le mot juste is her calling. Today, she puts this talent to work for clients such as Colisée, Harvest, La Banque Postale and Elior.

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Magnolia for ever – Claude François






At the Institut Montaigne, where he was Deputy Director, and at Sciences Po, where he was in charge of the executive training program within the School of Public Affairs, Charles recognized the virtues of collaboration between public, private and academic actors. But he also noticed how this dialogue still largely overshadows the ecological transition.

This is why he chose to go into consulting, to help make business leaders aware of how much their economic models depend on social and environmental issues. Charles is convinced that making businesses sustainable requires a commitment to working better with their ecosystems and among all of society’s stakeholders.

He joined Little Wing in 2020 to act on this conviction. A wilderness enthusiast who would have liked to be a mountain guide in another life, Charles lives this job as a personal commitment to the emergency our world is faced with.

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Peace and Tranquility to Earth – Roudoudou


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ANASS BENDAFI Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


Anass knows how to take a step back to help clients define their communications strategies. But he also knows how to guide them in crisis situations, where his calm and his attention to others make the difference. Anass appreciates nothing more than the complementarity between these two facets of his profession. After graduating from EFAP, his experience working in the Ministry of Culture, as well as in an agency, gave him a deep knowledge of the levers and mechanisms of influence. At TBWA Corporate, he advised the French Development Agency on how to handle themes related to the climate transition with the French and English-speaking media.

Anass joined Little Wing in January 2020, lured by the prospect of addressing corporate social and environmental responsibility in greater depth. He now works with Baker McKenzie, France Assureurs, Ardian and the Paris Peace Forum.

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JULIE BUSSON Consulting Director


Consulting Director


Complex issues and varied topics. That’s all it takes to make Julie want to come to the office. She discovered crisis communication and risk prevention during an internship at Danone for her Master’s degree in communication at Audencia. She perfected her skills in this discipline over four years at Fleishman Hillard, working for clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. Her ease of rapport and her responsiveness helped her to build privileged relationships with many media representatives.

Julie joined Little Wing in March 2018, attracted by the firm’s innovative methods and seduced by the idea of helping prestigious clients succeed through transformation. Today, she collaborates with BCG, France Assureurs, Qare, Inverto, Onet, Up and the Paris Peace Forum.

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Imagine –  John Lennon






Commitment to the general interest is the common thread running through Laura’s  young career. While studying law, she was introduced to communication and event organization through student associations. Then, at Sciences-Po Paris, while pursuing a Master’s degree in communication, media and creative industries, she discovered the world of impact companies with the Utopies consulting firm before joining the Ministry of Health for six months — in the middle of the Covid pandemic.

She landed her first consulting position at Little Wing in January 2022, before she even graduated. Insatiably curious, analytical, and fun-loving, Laura now works primarily with the Boston Consulting Group and Onet.

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La kiffance – Naps



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JUDITH DE WARREN Consulting Director


Consulting Director


From the primitive arts to strategic consulting, Julie has crossed a few unexpected bridges. A graduate of the London School of Economics, she began her career at the Musée du quai Branly as assistant to the director of sponsorship. After getting a taste of the world of communications, Judith decided to dive into it by joining Dentsu. There, she was introduced to crisis communication, where her natural poise worked wonders. She stands at the crossroads of the political, economic, academic and media worlds, and loves nothing more than breaking new ground and anticipating trends.

In 2019, the year the Loi Pacte was created, one of her clients, the Yves Rocher group, was reflecting on its raison d’être and mission. Judith discovered her passion for the subject. So, when Little Wing asked her to join at the end of 2020 to help clients develop their positive impact, she did not hesitate for long. Today, she works with Sopra Steria Next, Ardian, La Banque Postale, Société Générale and Onet.

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Bonjour – Philippe Katerine



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MATTHIEU SCHERRER Editorial Consultant


Editorial Consultant


“Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, and the words to say it flow with ease.” As a fervent disciple of Nicolas Boileau, Matthieu tracks down anglicisms, language tics, abuse of managerial newspeak and other empty formulations. He loves nothing more than to make complex subjects simple, understandable, and lively. This editorial consultant lived his first life as a journalist in the magazine industry. He was a director at Management and 01Net and was part of the management team of L’Express.

After a long history of helping the general public understand the corporate world, he left journalism in 2019 to help companies get their audiences to understand them. He has regularly lent his pen to Little Wing since 2021.

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Ercole sul Termodonte Sinfonia – Vivaldi




Senior Advisor


Natalie is one of France’s leading brand specialists. She imported strategic planning to France and is a former director of the Ogilvy Group. Today, through her consulting firm Polytane, she helps brands define their distinctive image and positioning. These have become message senders in their own right, so reflecting on their impact is essential to good corporate communication. This is why Julie de la Sablière entrusted Natalie with the role of Senior Advisor to Little Wing in January 2021. Both women share the same attachment to defending the environment.

Born in Marseille, Natalie has fought all her life for the protection and promotion of the Cassis coves. She is on the Board of Directors of the Camargo Foundation, the Parrot company, and the Institut Montaigne.

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Passionate about news and committed to nurturing relationships of trust, Noémie has built up privileged contacts with journalists from the largest French media outlets over the course of her career. Because she knows what they expect and how they work, she has a knack for anticipating and building story ideas with journalists that will hit the mark.

Trained as a communicator via the European Communication School, Noémie began her career at the Babel agency, where she was in charge of press relations for American Express, Otis, OGF and E.Leclerc, among others.

She joined Little Wing in August 2020 to broaden her skills and put them in the service of clients like Getlink, Inverto or BCG.

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SYLVIE LEMOINE Administrative and financial manager


Administrative and financial manager


She is a lookout and a linchpin. From her office, strategically placed at the heart of the firm, Sylvie oversees everything: reception, human resources, contracts with service providers, accounting — but also the decor and, above all, the well-being of every employee. Sylvie, our administrative and financial manager who has worked for Burson-Marsteller, Edelman and Harrison & Wolf, joined Little Wing in 2016. With 42 years of experience in the world of communications, she knows how to spot a consultant’s state of mind at a glance, how to encourage, how to scold (when it’s time to hand in the timesheets!) and how to congratulate. And celebrate as well — a lot of people would love to get their hands on the secret notebook where this gourmet records the best restaurants in Paris…

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April in Paris – Elia Fitzgerald